Doug O'Neill has his defenders. His number one defender is Doug O'Neill:
I have been guilty of running horses more often than I should. [. . .] Through some terrible moments in my career, I’ve learned to be more patient and more cautious.”
Mark Verge, an executive at Santa Anita racetrack in California is another O'Neill defender:

O'Neill rose through the trainer ranks because, "he was upbeat and nice to everyone.”
Yet somehow, Verge also thinks, little Dougie is surrounded by enemies - unnamed of course. Mark Verge again:
 “People hate his guts because he wins.” 
Worth noting that Verge owned two horses trained by O'Neill that tested positive for the illegal "milkshake" concoction in 2010. 

And then there is Paul Reddam, the owner of the Kentucky Derby winner, who told the New York Times that trainer O'Neill is not guilty of doping horses. How does Paul Reddam know this? He "takes the trainer at his word."

Now that everything is all settled, let's welcome the doper to Baltimore and to Camden Yards. 

After all, there's no doping in baseball.