Sunday, May 23, 2010


Father Joe Muth, pastor of St Matthew and Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Churches, has completed thirty-six years as a priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

A native of Baltimore, Father Joe is a tireless pastor, whose commitment to his Church and his two parishes is a 24-7 proposition. Father Joe celebrates daily Mass for his parishioners and on many occasions throughout the week, for others, as well.

A vital, popular and well-regarded preacher, Father Joe often conducts retreats and seminars on a variety of subjects. He has traveled to many nations in Africa and elsewhere. The African nations Fr Joe has visited include, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Rwanda.

Much of Father Joe' work is focused on social ministry, yet without neglecting the uniquely priestly work of counselling and spiritual guidance offered to individual parishioners.  

Fr. Joe's expression of the Christian Faith entails an explicit welcome to all peoples of all races and nations. Fr Joe's ministry is international in every sense. His enthusiastic welcome to immigrants has made Saint Matthew Church a multi-racial and multi-ethnic community of faith. Over forty nationalities are represented among the parishioners at St Matthew Church. The Immigrant Outreach Service Center, which Father Joe founded in 2000, is housed at St Matthew Church. The Center focuses on family reunification, adjustment of status and political asylum.

Father Joe Muth Jr, we salute you on the completion of your thirty-sixth year as a Priest.


  1. Thank you Father Joe. You are amazing and have truly taught us what it means to be part of a global church community.

  2. Belonging to St.Matthew parish with Fr. Joe as its head is like having a second family for me and for some it is their only family. FR. Joe remembers everyone's name. God has blessed him with many talents and gifts which he shares with parishioners and many others.

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  4. I saw you speak last night a St.Margret's I just happen to be visiting my parents during lent, and I wanted to do something nice for my mom. Your solidarity as a way of life moved me. You do good work. I feel blessed that you have performed all the really important sacraments in my life.

  5. Father Joe--We just watched our wedding video and were filled with joy at the memory of that special day 13 years ago. Thank you for celebrating with us and for making the day so special with your spirit. A funny coincidence that this article was posted last year on our anniversary!