Monday, October 7, 2013

Bigotry on the Baltimore County Council - We Can Fix This in 2014.

Oct 7 2013 

The 7th Day of the Month - Marks the anniversary date, when five members of the Baltimore Council hung out the NOT WELCOME sign to immigrants.

The bigoted initiative was led by the GOP-affiliated council member, David Marks, who touted his hostility by diverting campaign funds to cover costs of the anti-DREAM act initiative.

Mr. Marks then mislead the public when he announced, falsely, four of his colleagues signed a "letter" endorsing the anti-DREAM Act campaign.

When given the opportunity to welcome rather than discourage people from moving in, other jurisdictions are reacting differently.

Compare the narrow-minded perspective of our Baltimore County elected officials to the realities elsewhere: 

" . . . struggling cities are trying to restart growth by luring enterprising immigrants, both highly skilled workers and low-wage laborers. In the Midwest, similar initiatives have begun in Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Lansing, Mich., as well as Detroit, as it strives to rise out of bankruptcy. In June, officials from those cities and others met in Detroit to start a common network."
With the 2014 elections, we have a chance to correct the unfortunate presence of bigots on the County Council. Let's do that. 

Before you vote for:

Vicky Almond

Kathy Bevins

Todd Huff

David Marks

John Olszewski


(1) are your new views on DREAMERs now lined up with the voters of Maryland?
(2) do you now support in-state tuition for All graduates of Maryland high schools? or
(3) are you still playing the politics of bigotry? 


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