Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7 - Infamous Day for Baltimore County Councilman David Marks

June 7, 2011 - Two years ago.

Credit: Baltimore Sun

That was the day Baltimore County Councilman David Marks falsely announced that he had secured the signatures of four of his council colleagues on a letter denouncing our DREAMERS.

Despite several requests Mr. Marks has never produced such a letter.

Once again I ask - Mr David Marks, produce the letter you claim to have passed around and gotten signed by four of your council colleagues?

In his enthusiasm to align himself with bigotry, David Marks also announced that he had diverted campaign funds from supporters into the effort to collect signatures on petitions to place Maryland's new DREAM Act before the voters in the election set for November 2012.

According to Brian Sears, writing in the TOWSON PATCH, June 8 2011:

"Marks, a Perry Hall Republican, has signed the [anti-DREAM Act] petition. In fact, Marks said he used his campaign account to pay for half of a booth he shared with volunteers collecting signatures at the Towson Spring Festival." 

Well, sadly for simple fairness and also needlessly expensive for Maryland taxpayers, signatures were collected, counted and verified and the anti-Hispanic, anti-high-school kids referendum was placed on the ballot.

But guess what? 

On November 6, 2012 bigotry and David Marks, lost.

The voters of Maryland upheld the state's DREAM Act.

End of story? Not quite. Next year, November 2014, David Marks will be on the ballot.

Time for the voters of the Fifth District to send Mr. Marks where the anti-hispanic referendum was sent. . . . away