Friday, December 7, 2012

David Marks - (1) hostile to immigrants (2) anti-education (3) abusive of his public trust; that's 3 strikes.

December 7th:

This date marks the anniversary of the attack by the nation of Japan on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor.

December 7 is also the birthdate of Noam Chomsky who said, "We should not be looking for heroes but for good ideas."

December 7 also marks the date 18 months ago in Baltimore County, which gave us no heroes and a very bad idea. 

June 7, 2011 is the date that Baltimore County Councilman David Marks proudly and falsely announced that he and four other members of the Baltimore County Council signed a letter denouncing the newly passed Maryland DREAM Act. (If there ever was such a letter, let Mr. Marks produce it, with the signatures of his County Council colleagues affixed to it.) 

In 2011 Mister Marks claimed that he had arranged for four other members of the County Council to join him in opposition to Maryland Dreamers, children without legal status in the US who want and need to continue their education in junior college and beyond.

David Marks is so zealous against higher education for Hispanic and other immigrant kids that he claimed, back in 2011 he diverted a portion of his campaign funds into the effort to place his prejudices on the November 6 2012 ballot - where he was resoundingly defeated - Maryland's DREAM Act garnered almost 60 percent of the statewide vote.

No doubt, at this point, 18 months down the road, and having been repudiated by the voters of Maryland,  Mister Marks would prefer that everyone forget that he is no hero to education, or to children or to his constituents. David Marks would dearly hope that we would all forget that he has shown himself willing to use his position as a locally elected official to lobby for his prejudices to gain purchase across Maryland.

Mister Marks, now that you and a handful of like-minded bigots have lost in your effort to keep immigrant kids on the lowest economic rung , you may want to change the subject.

But you cannot change your character.