Thursday, February 16, 2012

If Stop Signs are against my Religion, can I just ignore them?

Exciting to read that a "conscience exception" can keep me from having to pay for health insurance. I do not want to pay, when I can just go to the ER and let others pay for me medical needs. 

Only suckers pay. This is the GOP approach to health care. Just opt out. Sen Roy Blunt is proposing this. Only two GOP senators have so far declined to support the Blunt Instrument approach.

The Catholic hierarchy, used to making top down doctrinal decisions for me and other communicants, now wants to make Church Doctrine the law for everyone. So the hierarchy is supporting the Blunt Instrument approach with a twist. 

The bishops are saying, if YOU want to participate in health insurance, too bad. Your boss will make that call for you, especially for you women.

Fortunately, the Catholic institutions most involved in actually delivering health care are of a different mind.

The Catholic Health Association and Catholic Charities are willing to see some daylight at the end of the dark tunnel that the bishops have put us all in.

The Catholic Health Association and Catholic Charities, both experienced and on the front line health care offered to the public,  are willing to let the decision whether employees receive health care to be made by the employee, who will communicate directly with the insurance company which is offering coverage.

Letting individuals decide about their own health care options is of course the only sensible way to handle heath care. In this season of freak show GOP candidates, of course the sensible approach is made to appear controversial. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Senator Marco Rubio’s plan for Contraception and Women

"Who should have control over a woman's decision to use contraception: Her or her employer? According to Senator Marco Rubio, it should be your employer.

"Last month, in response to President Obama's decision that all women should have access to contraception free of cost, Senator Rubio introduced a new bill that would allow any employer to sidestep the new requirement, whether they're a religious institution or a for-profit company.

"Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell joined Rubio in support, saying "They don't have the authority … to tell someone in this country, or some organization in this country, what their religious beliefs are." But, apparently, employers should have the authority to tell women what health care they can have."

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


In 2010, the Maryland Attorney General announced that non-resident same-sex couples married legally in another state, who then move into Maryland, will not be prosecuted. (SOURCE:

In light of this opinion, ask the "traditional marriage" legislator in Annapolis:

(1) do you favor the AG's opinion?

If so, then,

(2) why would you bar Marylanders from enjoying the same civil right to a marriage license that residents of other states enjoy?

If you do not favor the AG's opinion, then

(3) which Maryland law enforcement agency do you expect to break up same-sex households?